Pepper pic

M.S. Life Sciences, Entomology concentration, Virginia Tech 2018

B.S. Environmental Studies, Resource Management concentration, Shepherd University 2015

As an entomologist, the focus of my research is to learn how to control the pests of agricultural crops while keeping the beneficial organisms in the system unaffected. While at Clemson, my research will focus on controlling common pests of cucurbit crops such as cucumber beetles and squash bugs. My research goals are to determine how to use insecticides on these pests in a sustainable way so that secondary pest outbreaks do not occur and natural enemies remain unaffected.

The first pest I worked on was the emerald ash borer and was part the natural resources crew that first detected the pest at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in 2014. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was part of a state-wide mosquito surveillance study in West Virginia. Subsequent to that, I acted as a biological science aide at the USDA ARS AFRS, where I studied a variety of invasive pests. I recently completed my master’s at Virginia Tech working on IPM strategies for the brown marmorated stink bug in bell peppers and overwintering structures. I’m very excited to be in this lab and see what the future holds for my entomology career.