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Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris directs the efforts of the Clemson Vegetable Entomology Laboratory. She has a 70%/30% split between research and extension. Her research interests include biological control, spider mite management, landscape ecology, and soil health impacts on insects. She enjoys working with SC growers. In addition to giving talks at grower meetings, she annually updates several key grower resources: Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook, the Southeast Regional Strawberry IPM Guide, and the strawberry entomology section of the myIPM app. Her favorite part of her job is mentoring the next generation of scientists and extension educators. She is particularly interested in helping others with their “writing process” and developing oral presentations for different audiences.

Rebecca is an active member of the Entomological Society of America and the South Carolina Entomological Society. In ESA, she is on the Governing Council of the Plant-Insect Ecosystems Section and the Publication Task Force. She is the Secretary of the SCES Executive Council.

Her favorite insect is the praying mantis, but she has become really fond of predatory mites in the family Phytoseiidae. Rebecca enjoys reading fantasy and science fiction books, baking with chocolate, painting, and still plays Pokémon GO. She loves watching the wildlife outside her house and the domesticated fauna inside her house (Cricket, Leo, and Mirri, below).


Phone: 509-264-5940

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